Saturday, December 27, 2008

Close your eyes for just a moment...

...and imagine the sense of calm when you draw yourself a warm bath, light a single lowly candle, and submerge your head under the sweetly scented waters. You hear no breath being taken, but your ears do pick up the sound of your heart rhythmically pumping away; the soft muffled noise seems so ancient and loving. Is this what death is like? So contentedly calm? If so, then can I go there more often?

Your body and the water come into a temperature equilibrium, and you've melded into the liquid. Your soul, your mind, your entire being. Gently floating, gently rocking. No words are needed for extra feeling, nor any sounds. Just your heart beating through the waters and rumbling in your ears. Why is it that wounds close so much faster when immersed in warm water? Maybe it has healing properties. Maybe in those moments when you feel so close to yourself and so far away from everything around you, that you begin to heal.

I do hope I can begin to heal.

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