Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love, the masked villain

Something I posted in another site:

"I feel like young people are constantly searching for love. They think it's a journey they must take immediately, but they end up getting sucked into it. They become blind to their own selves. They can't see that they fall for the same person repeatedly, because they are trying to fill some hole. I look at all those lovesick humans and laugh. They meet someone, feel special, feel wanted and needed, but then one decides they can do better, and leave the other dangling on the edge of a cliff.

Love should come and greet you on its own. Too many actively seek it out, and end up finding the wrong thing. Love can be a big part of your life, but don't let it eat you up."

I know a few who had forgotten themselves, who have been charmed and strung up on strings like a puppet, ready for Love to move at will. Life requires experiences, and although those can contain love, or the beginning stages of love, they should also contain the world, the people, the spacious room to grow and learn. Constantly seeking out love, seeking out a partner to please and make you feel needed is not going to make the world suddenly draped in soft silks. It's not going to fill that void--that lonely sad space that torments night after night.

Stop seeking, and let the winds carry the world to you.