Monday, September 27, 2010

Massage Class, Week 1

I started school a week ago at Renton Technical College. I like it so far, I like memorizing, so the anatomy isn't that bad, although we've only done the scapula and levator scapula so far. We've worked on massaging feet and are moving into reflexology, which is interesting and useful. I'm glad I don't have a foot phobia, otherwise I'd be failing. Haha. School consumes 98% of my day and when I'm working, it consumes my everything.

I'm honestly not in the mood to write, and I know Zazu, you wanted me to blog. But I actually had a day off from work today and I caught up on homework and I'm tired. So, too bad for you. I did, however, get a new wallet, 'cause mine completely broke. I thought I'd share it with you because when I saw it, I thought to myself, "ZAZU!!!". So...yeah. I love it. It actually fits money in it, change, and aaaalllll of my cards.

I also learned today that the woman who helps out Goe, the blind amputee in our class, is an ex-heroine addict. I learned this because she warned me that her left pinky and next-to-pinky toe (don't worry, I'll eventually learn the correct term for it) are numb on top and she doesn't like them touched. They've been subjected to nerve damage. Poor girl. I'm glad she's there though. She's incredibly nice and did the massage program last year, so she was able to help me out with the strokes. There's some heavy shit some people are bringing to this class, man. We've been warned that emotions can come out through massage, i.e. people hold emotions in their bodies and sometimes just break down when an area is stimulated, and I have yet to experience that, but am sure it will happen.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of lead balls, tanks and bombs

So I had an incredibly scary dream two nights ago, and I need somewhere to write it down. Here goes.

I was with Alyssa and McLane predominately, but everyone from school was there too. We were in this huge fenced off field that was normally desolate, but was now filled with carnival paraphenalia, booths, and food stands. I wasn't having very much fun. For some reason, I was just really upset and extremely sad. I wandered around a little until I heard someone scream something and exclaim for all onlookers to gaze up at the sky. A girl was pointing to this white rocket, the tip of which housed a huge bomb. The rocket flew up, turned, and headed toward us. Everyone screamed. I began to run the length of the field (probably over a mile long) toward the opposite end, in the hopes that the bomb was directed more at the fair and somehow, I could escape some of the calamity. Sirens began to go off. I knew I was going to die. I thought, 'Well, at least I can die with peace knowing that there is no longer a grudge between Morgan and I.'

There were lines of old, decrepit, and interior-less cars at this end of the field. I ducked beside one, covered my head, and waited for the bomb to hit. McLane was right beside me. I was crying. I looked at her and told her that I was scared. Then we heard noises like strong gunshots. At first I thought they were bombs, but I wasn't feeling the impact of anything. Suddenly, these cantaloupe-sized lead balls come rolling toward us. At the speed they were going, they could have broken bones. Instinctively, I jumped on top of the car and watched them roll underneath, but the car was shrinking and sinking. Soon I was jumping over all of them.

Then came more loud noises. I looked up and saw a group of men in orange jumpsuits. On the front of these suits was a huge swastika. Neo-nazis. They were shouting in German, but no one could understand. But the kids surrounding us were too afraid to defy these men and learned their instructions through hand motions. Set up in front of us were wooden walls, on which had been painted a target. A man gave each of us a bucket with small glass rockets inside. I watched some other kids, who were throwing the rockets at the target. I decided to follow suit, 'cause I for sure didn't want to cause any trouble. I had to light the end of the rocket and then throw it, but my arm wasn't strong enough and the rocket barely hit the target. The glass shattered, and every time I expected them to blow up. They never did. More shouting in German, more rocket-throwing, more orders to put our faces to the wall and stand still. The Germans brought out tanks and other military vehicles. I was now working on figuring out how to use the gun they had put into my bucket, but the clip wouldn't work. I had almost resolved to ask one of the men when we were given the opportunity to go to a table and deposit our jewelry.

I walked over to this little card table with McLane and took off my earrings. Somehow I hoped that this would put me on better terms with the nazis if they saw me willingly give up my possessions. But when I took my earrings off, I realized they were just cheap metal of little value. My luck had vanished.