Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Times

I went to the Cradle of Filth concert last night, and mind you, I've never seen them live and I've never been to a hardcore/metal concert before. OH MY FUCKING GOD IT WAS AWESOME! I'm so glad I went and I'm so glad India came with me. My neck hurts from headbanging, I have a monster headache, and there's a ringing in my ears. It's perfect. I'm glad I'm alive and I'm glad I'm human for once. Hah.

So, this is going to be rather lengthy, but I need to write as much as I can about it now before I go to bed. Let's take a lovely walk into the ominous dark forest, shall we?

So India and I got up pretty close to the front, but I felt bad for her 'cause she's about 4' 9" 1/2, wheres I'm 5' 4". There was this guy behind me (whom we later learned was named Adam) and he was right up against me, kind a grinding on my ass. Because I'm not an aggressive person, I just sort of went with it. At least he wasn't groping me. It could have been a lot worse. He told me I was cute and asked me if I was here with my boyfriend. I lied and said yes, but he was still touching on me, so I just ignored it.

The first band came on, Satyricon, and they were from Greece. They were pretty rad man. I wasn't expecting moshing right away, but the moshing came. I didn't get beat up too badly. A few elbows. That's nothing. Anyways, India and I started talking to some guys as we were waiting for the second band, Septic Flesh to come on, and we told them our names and met Blake (he was dirty-blonde and wore a metal ball necklace, 17), Adam (he was most obviously drunk, short hair, tall, 25, but nice), Gabriel (he had long blondish hair and was also 25), and Josh (he was so goddamn cute! I wish we would have gotten a pic. He had long black hair with orange weaved into small braids; kind of like dreads. He had one white contact in, a lip piercing, gaged ears, and a really girlish face that suited him well. He was like, 19 I think.)

So all these guys are like, "You're women and we'll protect you from the crowds." India and I were like, "Okay". Adam asked how old I was, and I said 17 and he was like, "Damnit! You're underage! I'm 25! I was hoping we could you know, go get some coffee sometime." And Blake was like, "It's only illegal until you get caught." We all laughed. They were really nice though and stayed around us most of the entire time, protecting us from flailing legs and arms. Adam though, he was a rather touchy person and oftentimes had his hands on my sides. It was weird, but I didn't really care. I was headbanging along to the music.

Some girl in front of us fainted, and there was this really really big, tall guy that was like, leaning into me hard from my left side and I tried my best to nudge him and elbow him, but he was like twice my size. I stayed behind Josh for the most part, (who smelled rather nice) and I felt bad 'cause my chin was hitting his shoulder 'cause I was dancing in my little cramped space. If you could even call it a space. I was smashed up against so many bodies that I'm sure I had the sweat of at least 50 other people on me. Someone stepped on my toe too, and sort of smashed my boot but it's all good. I lost my chain necklace because I had to take it off at the door and someone most probably stole it, but that's okay 'cause it was just chain I got at the hardware store. Oohhohohoh.

There was this really annoying chick Ms. Barbie-pants-I-look-like-a-whore who jammed her elbow into my arm at one point and it hurt bad. She was really annoying in general and she stole India's place. I lost her about halfway through, maybe, and just tried my hardest to stay behind Josh and next to Blake. Blake was behind me for a long time and I thank him for taking the impact of many blows. Luckily, there was a rather large woman in front of my whom I kept smashing into. (No, I'm not trying to be mean). Blake and Adam both were singing and even did the really high-pitched vocals along with Dani Filth and I just laughed every time they sang like that. I dunno why. It was amusing.

They played some really good songs too, and at the moment, I have "Her Ghost in the Fog" stuck in my head. Dani Filth's hair was short and it looked really good on him. I was pretty close to him too and I wanted to touch him but there were still a few people in front of me. I'm so totally going next year. Soooooo totally.

After they finished, closing with "From the Cradle to Enslave" this girl walked up to me as I was looking for India and she asked me if I could help her. I thought she was looking for the bathrooms, but she said thought I might know the goth scene here. I laughed and said I was sorry because I was underage and didn't know of any clubs. People are funny.

India got Adam's phone number and he wants to hang out with us. Hahah. Not sure that's ever going to happen...

Oh! I got a new t-shirt and we said goodbye to our new friends. We should have gotten more phone numbers and some pics or something. I'm sorry I only have stories. Some man came near us and he really stank something awful. India lost her contact at one point, but managed to get it back in her eye, so that was cool.

I'm so glad I went. It was totally worth every penny and the massive headache.