Monday, September 27, 2010

Massage Class, Week 1

I started school a week ago at Renton Technical College. I like it so far, I like memorizing, so the anatomy isn't that bad, although we've only done the scapula and levator scapula so far. We've worked on massaging feet and are moving into reflexology, which is interesting and useful. I'm glad I don't have a foot phobia, otherwise I'd be failing. Haha. School consumes 98% of my day and when I'm working, it consumes my everything.

I'm honestly not in the mood to write, and I know Zazu, you wanted me to blog. But I actually had a day off from work today and I caught up on homework and I'm tired. So, too bad for you. I did, however, get a new wallet, 'cause mine completely broke. I thought I'd share it with you because when I saw it, I thought to myself, "ZAZU!!!". So...yeah. I love it. It actually fits money in it, change, and aaaalllll of my cards.

I also learned today that the woman who helps out Goe, the blind amputee in our class, is an ex-heroine addict. I learned this because she warned me that her left pinky and next-to-pinky toe (don't worry, I'll eventually learn the correct term for it) are numb on top and she doesn't like them touched. They've been subjected to nerve damage. Poor girl. I'm glad she's there though. She's incredibly nice and did the massage program last year, so she was able to help me out with the strokes. There's some heavy shit some people are bringing to this class, man. We've been warned that emotions can come out through massage, i.e. people hold emotions in their bodies and sometimes just break down when an area is stimulated, and I have yet to experience that, but am sure it will happen.


BohoCharms said...


I'm glad you started blogging. Now I can know what yoou're doing too.

I'm glad you enjoy the anatomy part of the course. Now you can be a doctor too! Or not. That's okay too.

Also: I fracking love that wallet, and intend to steal it from you from far away. You'll never even know what happened.

Hardcore massage class people are hardcore. It seems the perfect place for you. I bet that if you got to play music in class, and you brought in Arkona, they would totally love that shiatsu. Lucky. I doubt my art class could even stand Gogol.

I believe you are definitely skirting the issue of utmost importance: your ongoing romantic escapades with this Brain. I must know more. I've been reading far too much (and not enough) Jane Austen lately, and it's fun to have real-life Bennett-Bingley relations. And I'll fall in love with his seemingly-jerkish friend who is actually just shy, sweet, and incredibly rich.

The end.

Kendra Mae said...

Teehee. I remind myself that this ISN'T a pre-med class, and I realize that this is super easy compared to me being a medical student.

Hardcare massage people ARE hardcore. One woman has a grandma who grew up in the brothel/strip club business, so her grandma is incredibly blunt and that's where she gets it from, 'cause she's pretty damn blunt and straightforward too. It's weird to think that the people in that class are so much older than me. Some twice my age, at least. I'm not sure if they'd stand Arkona....LOL shiatsu. We learn that too.

There is no more romance! ....yet.